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Reduce Terrible Headaches During Pregnancy On Third Trimester

First of allyou must be in a sitting positionThis method not only help reduce pain(due to the flow of blood to the head so much smoother), but also prevent you from fallingAfter that, headache treated according to the cause.

When you are in a stuffy, seek immediate fresh airPerhaps, you do not getdizzy because sufficient oxygen.

If you do not eat for 2-3 hours, quickly consume snackssuch as biscuitsThis method will quickly raise your blood sugar levelsDrink water or juiceLess fluid also triggers headaches during pregnancy.
headaches during pregnancy third trimester
If you would change your body position, do it slowly. For example, if you want to stand up from a lying position, try to sit down, then stand slowly.

Drink water. The headaches are often triggered by dehydration. When you sweat and lose a lot of fluids accompanied by intense headache, drink water immediately. Sit down for a while, then drink water slowly. Do not do a lot of movement until the headaches disappear

Inhale slowly, close your eyesClosed the eyes is an effective way to relieve muscle tension that causes eye pain. - Pour a cup of black teaAdd a squeeze of lemon juice.While it still warmdrink slowlyIt is usefulto relieve your headache away.

Eat hot soup. After that, try sleeping in a quiet or poorly lit.

Soaking in warm water also can cure your headaches.

Compress the head. Take a soft cloth or small towel, then wet with cold water temperature. Then, paste in the head and neck.
When women feel terrible headachesusually the doctor will do blood pressure checks to check for preeclampsia chanceFirst aid performed with rest, massagehead, cool head with waterbinding the heador, or changing sleeping position. 

Pregnant women no need to worry, 

"Unless headache caused by preeclampsia or anemiaHypertensionwhen dropped once or anemia, mother should see the doctor immediately. Usually they will be given drugs to raise their blood pressureDue blood tensionassociated with fetal oxygenation to the brain.

The first act when low blood pressure can be done by lying to normalize blood flowWhen the blood pressure is high, mothers also will be asked for a lot of restand given antihypertensive drugsThat is, given a drug that does not causeaggregation flateletbreakdown of red blood beads that can make sopreeclampsia.

Headache pain is said to be dangerous to the intensitydid not go away though it was eating painkillers head and eyes blurredThen there is something else that is not due to diseases of pregnancyCould be there is something in her brainfor examplearise bleeding in the brain. On this situation, mother would be sent to a neurologist for further treatment.

So Mom, do not take lightlyThe key, she already knewplenty of rest and consultwith your doctor to obtain painkillers recommended.

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