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Need This, Help Me


Ada sesiapa tahu, nak oder dekat mana. 
Currently kat Kuantan, 
Kuantan senang sikit nak selfpickup.
discount la sikit... :)
and and and, 
nak menda alah tu minggu depan :(
sempat tak?

Anyone?contact number? Link belog? FB name?

Aku siap bukak Mudah.My and found THIS,
and yes, dekat Kuantan, 
but i still hope, somebody cud help me..
maybe kena cari link lain..

its for my Birthday :)
** yes, i bought my own cake, for my birthday..haters, i kno ur smiling now...
Betterhalf taktau aku nak kek apa....aku dah pueh duk tunjuk tunjuk gambar, but ends up..

'kat mana b nak beli kek lapis-lapis kaler pelik macam ni.........Syg cari la sendiri...'
**Okey, nak pergi menagis..

aku nak jugak cari apam pola dots comel, auw....
ok ok ok, masa untuk google!

Okey-Okey, kena pergi...for real!!
Thank you and Goodbye!
Hello weekends!
I already kno...
How busy i am for this weekends!!


cik enul said...

baru nak rekemen kawan i..
tapi bila u dah mention area kuantan, trus tak jadi..
kek dia mmg sedap...
tak kedekut bahan..
boleh try tgok kat sini

choclairissa @ intan marliana said...

sedapnye...tempahkan utk i skali..heheh :)

sa.sitihawa said...

u nk mggu dpn tu hr ape ye? add me on / / fb-siti hawa razali..

Qiela said...

Done :)

Anonymous said...

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afee ali said...

check it out, :)