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DiY Bunga Felt

  1. Felt
  2. Cotton Batting
  3. Cloth Stem Wiring
  4. Needles (large enough for embroidery thread)
  5. Embroidery Thread
  6. Scissors
  7. Heart Cookie Cutter or Any Heart Template
  8. Ribbon (thick and thin)
  9. OPTIONAL: Floral Tape
  10. Glue Gun

  1. Using your cookie cutter or heart template trace out your heart shapes onto your felt.  We used a heart cookie cutter that’s about 3 inches tall
  2. Cut out your hearts
  3. Using your embroidery thread and a needle start stitching your hearts.  Make sure that the sides you traced on are now facing inwards so that you don’t have any pen/pencil marks on the outsides of your hearts
  4. Stitch the entire way around your heart, leaving about 3/4 of an inch near the pointed end of your heart
  5. Gently stuff your heart with a small amount of batting
  6. Take your clothe wire stem and make a tiny loop at the end. Place the looped end inside the heart and begin sewing up the last remainder of your heart while you wrap neatly around the stem as well.  The looped wire end will prevent your stem from coming out of the heart.  Note: If you don’t want long stems you may be able to cut your stems in half thus doubling your stem.  THERE! Your heart-on-a-stick is done! Make as many as you’d like depending on what sized bouquet you’d like.
  7. Once you’ve created all your heart-on-a-sticks you can start arranging them in a bouquet.  If you’re on your own, use some floral tape to help secure the placement of each heart
  8. Once you’re happy with your arrangement, you can add your ribbon.  Using a glue gun (sparingly) being wrapping your ribbon around your stem.  Use whatever width and texture of ribbon you’d like!

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S.U.R.I.A. said...

creatip yerr

e k i n ♥ y u s r i said...

nmpk len dr len

Hanys Jehari said...

hye.. i pun ada buat HB dari felt.. puas nak membuat nya. tapi suka tgk hasilnya..::

Hanys Jehari said...
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Qiela said...

ohmyyyy, cantik kott!!!!!! puas hati tengok, walaupun susah kan. :)

farta said...

jmp kt website lain sblm ne sal bunga ne tp hilang..bru planning nak buat... thanks~~