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Before ordering your wedding stationery you should be clear about the quantities you will require as some companies, particularly bespoke stationers, may need several weeks or even months notice to produce extra invitations. It could also work out more costly to make additional orders. You should allow one invitation per family or couple.
If you are inviting children, their names should also be included on the wedding invitation. Younger adults above 16 would probably appreciate their own invitation. It is also courteous to send an invitation to the groom's parents, the priest/minister and any guests that you already know cannot make it but would find an invitation thoughtful (perhaps a relative abroad). Always make sure you order some extra invitations in case you make mistakes or have to invite guests on your reserve list. So who should you invite? Here are some points to bear in mind when compiling a guest list -
  • What is our budget. How many guests can you cater for within our budget?
  • Start your guest list early as it can be a long and complicated job!
  • The first guests on your list should be those people who you really care about, close family and friends you see on a weekly basis.
  • Then you can consider people who have played an important part in your life in the past.
  • Consider if you want to start inviting work colleagues. Do you want to invite them or do you feel under pressure to invite colleagues? Remember, if you invite a couple of colleagues, others may be offended.
  • Consider the opinions of those who are contributing financially to the wedding - should they have a say in the guest list?
  • Do the bride and groom have similar size families or would it be sensible to invite more guests from one side of the family?
  • Do you want to entertain children at the wedding?

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