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DIY Ribbon Pomanders ( Cantik Okehhh! )

What you’ll need:
  • 8 8 rolls of assorted ribbon (between 12-15 feet)
  • One bouquet of fake smaller flowers with removable heads (preferably)
  • 6 in. diameter Styrofoam ball
  • Pins
  • Toothpicks
  • Floral tape (optional)


Step 1: Cut all ribbon into about 4 inch strips (you will have MANY strips not sure on a count)
Step 2: Form each strip of ribbon into the shape of a circleoverlapping the ends.
Step 3: Put the pin through the two overlapping ends (see picture)
Step 4: Stick these pins throughout the Styrofoam ball. For a tighter look (like my finished project) stick the ribbon closer together.
Step 5: Once the ball is as you like, remove the heads on the flowers.
Step 6: Put each flower on a toothpick. I used floral tape to secure the flower head on the toothpick
Step 7: Stick the toothpicks throughout the ribbon ball


Its Done!!

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sarahhernyzar said...

sweet gak. comel. sara mmg suka pomanders ball dari dulu lg. x kesah la bunga ke ribbon ke button ke. mmg suka pomanders ball. killa buat la. hahaha..

Madly Mad said...

hahaaaa...x dpt kot, reben kinda mahal kan. so..rase x terbuat kot. kite ni dah la bajettt je semua. huhuu..

izaFiza said...


Hunny Kitty said...

good luck berDIY!!!!!

dhiera said...

senang je.. dan cantik!