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Contest : Hafizudin Hamdan Photography

Hello and Salam to all beautifull brides and becoming wonderfull brides. 

Pada hariini bertarikh 08.12.2012, 
Jumlah follower saya telah meningkat kepada angka 50, dan ini telah memungkinkan saya untuk mencuba nasib, 
Terima Kasih Follower sekalian. Sila Doakan saya okey!!

and yes. ( excited ) 
saya ambil bahagian!! ( super excited ) 

Dengan mengikut syarat yang ditetapkan iaitu memilih  satu  atau  dua  atau  tiga  atau  beberapa  keping gambar disini,
ceritakan dibelog, mengapa anda fall in love with the pictureeeeeee :) and yes.....
let this three lovely picture do the rest...




Real men hate crying, they rarely do it...BUT when a men cries becos of a women, with the crowds can be sure that the men loves you more then anything.. Real men cries just only for sometimes.
Hugging is a form of comunication because it can say things you dont have the words for. And the nicest thing about a hug is that u usually cant give one without getting one. At the time when his mom hugged was the really first time..ull feel accepted,
 for forever.

The best kind off kiss is the un-expected , unplanned, the ones that comes naturally . 
Like the middle of a sentence.

Okey, im just done. 
Biar Encik Hafizudin tentukan..
dan tugas-tugas 50 orang follower setia di belog ni,
Dokan saya...

With Love,
Bride To Be 2012


.:shura shushi:. said...

Gambar Adawiyah menjadi pilihan kamo =)

**Good Luck yaa

Madly Mad said...

Really? credit to Adawiyah,. hhee....i dunno, just take it..i just love the scene :)

sarahhernyzar said...

dear... me join too this contest. gudluck. *hugs*

p dot s: jom la join contest pau seri tu. hehe.

Madly Mad said...

hheeeee....yeke. i wil i will...