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DiY : Veil

** DiY : Veil

Wedding Veil edge examples

Cut Edge

Pearl Edge

Pencil Edge

Satin Corded Edge

Satin Ribon Edge

Scattered Rhinestone

Scatteered Pearls

Differing Cuts / Styles of Wedding Veil

Oval Cut -
this is cut in the shape of an oval and is usually a one tier veil. The comb is sewn at one end of the veil (with or without gathers). This is the shape of a mantilla veil.

Bubble Cut -
this is cut so that the tip of the veil (behind the comb" is more "poofy") which makes the bottom of the veil come in towards the body a little more.

Angel/cascade cut
 this is cut so that the sides start higher on the side of the veil, "cascading" down.

Standard cut -
is cut so that the corners are cut off. Picture a rectangle; now round off the 2 bottom corners and that is standard cut. The edges of a standard cut veil start up by your face.

Circular Cut -
is actually just a big circle. It is automatically a 2 tier veil as when it's folded in half, you get two layers. This can be gathered at the fold and sewn to a comb. The edges of a circular cut veil are down at the bottom - not up by your face.

Drop Cut -
this is another veil that is just a big circle, only there aren't any gathers and it's attached to the hair with a hat pin (thru a pin curl) or a small comb. The edges of a drop cut veil are down at the bottom - not up by your face.

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