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Top 7 Unique Baby Shower Gift and Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for a gift or decoration/centerpiece for a baby shower? Whether you're crafty enough to hand-make your gift or if it would be more convenient for you to purchase your gift in-store or online, having a gift that stands out and that's useful to new parents is key. Here are our top 7 suggestions for unique and creative gifts and decorations that parents-to-be are sure to love and use time and time again!

1. Diaper Cakes
Diaper cakes are the newest and most popular items that can be given as a gift at a baby shower or even used as the main centerpiece at the shower. They're not edible, but are made of a bunch of diapers (usually in newborn or size 1) and decorated with a variety of baby gifts that new parents can use during the first few months. These items can include baby shampoos, washcloths, body suits, and wipes or diaper ointment. They're an extremely handy gift for new parents and absolutely adorable and unique!

2. Washcloth Lollipops, Cupcakes, and Candy Rolls
Lollipops, cupcakes, and candy rolls made using baby washcloths can be found all over the internet right now. They're again not edible, but are made out of baby washcloths and even baby body suits, and are put together with lollipop sticks or wrapped to appear as a roll of candy or cupcake. They can come in pinks and blues or even more neutral colors, and can even be designed to match the pregnant mommy's most craved treat. They're small and very inexpensive, yet very useful to new parents. They make great small gifts, as well as cute table toppers that parents-to-be can take home after the shower.

3. Stuffed Diaper Bag
As previously mentioned, the most useful gift to any new parent is probably going to be diapers. Moms and dads will go through so many diapers in the first couple years of their baby's life and what better gift is there than to help them always be prepared?! A diaper bag filled with diapers and on-the-go packages of wipes, powders, and diaper rash ointments are a wonderful gift for any new parent. Along with diapers, it's also a great idea to include are bottles with pre-measured packets of formula, along with spare outfits for quick changes on the road. Stuffing all these necessary items into a cute diaper bag is a great gift idea for baby showers.

4. Baby Wreaths
Also becoming very popular these days are new arrival wreaths. These can be the main decoration or given to moms at a baby shower, then later used to hang on the hospital door and again at home when the new baby is released from the hospital. Baby wreaths can be decorated in appropriate pinks or blues and can include useful gifts for new parents such as pacifiers, rattles, and teething toys.

5. Pregnant Belly Cast Kit
For most women, being pregnant is a wonderful experience that doesn't happen but only a few times in a lifetime (unless you're Mrs. Duggar, lol). Help your mommy-to-be capture and preserve her pregnant belly for years with a belly cast kit. This is a fun thing that can be done together by expectant parents to have some bonding time or done as a fun activity right at the baby shower. Guests can even help paint the belly or use it to write their hopes and dreams for the new baby and words of luck and congratulations for the new parents.

6. Hand or Foot Impression Kit
Babies grow so fast! Help new parents capture their new arrival's little hand or feet prints with a do-it-yourself impression kit. There are many kits available to purchase both online and in stores and are generally reasonably priced. This is a great project that Mom and Dad can do to preserve the memory of their newborn's tiny fingers and toes and to get a little bonding time in together with their new baby. Impressions can even be painted and decorated with baby's initials, name, date of birth, or birth weight.

7. Personalized Baby Book or Scrap Book
Every new mommy wants to document the growth of their precious bundle of joy and remember exactly when each "first" and major milestone occurred. A great way to help get mom started is with a baby book or scrap book that has been personalized with the new baby's name or initials. Giving the scrapbook or baby book at the shower is a great idea so Mom and Dad can have it ready before their trip to the hospital to make sure they're able to record and document every moment of the big event and first few days.
So, if you're in need of a unique and creative baby shower gift or decoration, try one of these suggestions and give your parents-to-be something they're sure to love!


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